Laron Skin Care

Choose from our collection of skin care products to give you that flawless skin your deserve. Everything you need from Skin whitening creams, anti aging creams, spot removal lotions e.t.c.

24k Gold colagen facial mask

Facial mask, Anti-aging, firming, reparing, effective brightening and deep moisture

7,000 4,000

Advanced New

This formula helps to smoothen and lighten your skin, keeping your face flawless & radiant.

20,000 15,000

Advanced New Lotion

Decreases the appearance of wrinkles, tighten the skin & fade dark under eye circles.

20,000 15,000

Flawless Soap

Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and enjoy a fresh younger look with Laron luxurious soap.

5,000 3,000

Peel off gold mask

Deeply nourish, moisturizes skin, promote its metabolism, and leave the skin soft and smooth


Power Blend

Design to make the skin poreless, whiten the face and gives it a more fairer look.

20,000 15,000

Power Whitening Lotion

Designed to whiten your skin 7-8 shades lighter including stubborn dark skin tones.

30,000 20,000

Skin Glow

Permanently removes the appearance of unwanted spots like acne within 1 week.

15,000 10,000

Skin Glowing Milk

IFades the appearance of unwanted spots such as acne & hyperpigmentation with ease.

20,000 15,000

Skin Magic Soap

Can penetrate the deeper layer of your skin, helping to nourish & exfoliate your skin

5,000 3,000

Triple Whitening Soap

Helps with deep cleaning of the skin. Best for people with acne, black head or spots.