Power Blend

Skin Care
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Design to make the skin poreless, whiten the face and gives it a more fairer look.


Anti-aging whitening face cream.

Designed to make the face appear pore less, fade dark under eye circle, decrease the appearance of wrinkle and tighten the skin, all whitening the skin and taking your tone up at 7-8 shades. 


Purified sea water, aloe Vera gel, Ginko biloba extra, Ginseng extract, sepiwhite msit, sepicalm VG,Vitamin C, Vitamin E, cucumber, Mulberry extracts,  marigolds & mulethi root, Alpha Arbutin, magic acid, vegetableglycerine,  Natural fragrance


For more fairer and youthful appearance, use the power blend twice daily, on a through cleansed skin. Apply sun block before going out into the sun.

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  • joy (anambra )

    January 2019

    Fast and effective

  • sowe (lagos nigeria )

    January 2019

    whitens the skin like very fast and smooth. Dont use if you dont want to be white

  • jane (benin nigeria )

    January 2019

    Super great

  • joy (benin nigeria )

    November 2018

    It does wonders to the skin in less than one week. My face looks so bright and porless

  • lucy (lagos)

    October 2018

    Just five days of using this product, my eye bags have disappeared! Can't wait to finish it, so that I can give a proper review. Love this!

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