About us

Founded in 2002, Pee Model Ltd has been a leading brand in the beauty industry, provinding exceptional beauty service to both men and women. We constantly maintain a high standard in making you look and feel beauty, just the way you want it.

As a subsidiary of Pee Model Ltd, Laron Skin Care have helped men and women of all skin types acheive the desired flawless skin they always wanted. Our skin care products range from safe and effective skin whitening lotions, anti-aging creams, creams to remove unwanted spots from you skin keeping your skin smooth, radiant and spotless.

Money back gauranteeGauranteed results within the first 30 days or your money back.
Dermatologist RecommendedAll products have been tested and approved by leading dermatologists.
Organically Derived IngredientsOur skin care products are organically and naturally formulated.
Our promise to you

Flawless Skin Care

Our mission is to provide safe & effective skin care solutions that will keep your skin radiant, spotless and flawless just the way you want it.


Laron Skin Care

Choose from our collection of skin care products to give you that flawless skin your deserve. Skin whitening, anti aging, spot removal lotions e.t.c

Skin Glowing Milk

IFades the appearance of unwanted spots such as acne & hyperpigmentation with ease.

20,000 15,000

Power Whitening Lotion

Designed to whiten your skin 7-8 shades lighter including stubborn dark skin tones.

30,000 20,000

Power Blend

Design to make the skin poreless, whiten the face and gives it a more fairer look.

20,000 15,000

Skin Glow

Permanently removes the appearance of unwanted spots like acne within 1 week.

15,000 10,000

Advanced New Lotion

Decreases the appearance of wrinkles, tighten the skin & fade dark under eye circles.

20,000 15,000

Advanced New

This formula helps to smoothen and lighten your skin, keeping your face flawless & radiant.

20,000 15,000